Come One Come All (COCA)

Dawn of War II: Elite 1v1 tournament

COCA was a 1v1 tournament organized by JuhwannX (GameReplays, Steam) and played on April 21, 2013.




Host settings

  1. Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
  2. Random starting location
  3. Standard resources

Map selection

  1. The first round of a match on a fixed map, as shown on BinaryBeast.
  2. The rounds that follow by loser's choice.
  3. No map can be played more than once within a match, unless both players agree on playing a map twice.

Map pool

  1. Ashes of Typhon
  2. Calderis Refinery
  3. Calderis River
  4. Fedrid Folly
  5. Green Tooth Gorge
  6. Pale Tooth Gorge
  7. Ice Station Obelis
  8. Judgement of Carrion
  9. Leviathan Hive
  10. Outer Reaches
  11. Quests Heresy
  12. Siwal Frontier
  13. Green Tooth Jungle Redux

Race selection

  1. The player in the top bracket will lock in their race first for the first round.
  2. In the following rounds, the player that chose the map has to lock in their race first.
  3. Random is allowed.

Special rules

  1. Tyranid Infestation Towers prohibited from being spawned on impassable terrain (making them unkillable).




The winner chose first, followed by the runner-up. The 3rd and 4th place holders chose at the same time.