Monthly Rumble Tournament #16 (MRT #16)

Dawn of War II: Elite 1v1 Tournament

MRT#16 is the sixteenth Monthly Rumble Tournament, organized by Atlas, Adeptus Noobus and Swiftsabre. It will be played on the Elite 2.4.2 patch.




Host settings

  1. Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
  2. Starting Location: Random
  3. Resources: Standard


  1. The first game of a match in each round is played on a fixed map. The maps for each round are written in the brackets page.
  2. The losing player picks the map in following games from the map pool. The map pool is found in the General Rules thread.
  3. Each player can veto a single map during a round, but not the fixed map of the round. Maps not in the map pool are automatically vetoed.
  4. No map can be played more than once within a single round. This includes different "variations" of a single map, such as Pale Tooth Gorge and Green Tooth Gorge.

Hero Selection

  1. While registering for the tournament, the player MUST pick 3 heroes to play as or Random.
  2. Players can only be chosen to play as one of the up to 3 heroes they have selected before the start of the tournament for each match and must let the other player know their counterpick before the match starts. There is no restrictions as to which of their pre-selected heroes that may be used in any given match.
  3. Random players must select Random for every round and announce their hero at the beginning of the match. Failure to do so will result in either a warning, a restart of the match or a disqualification based upon the judgement of the tournament organizer. The Random player still counterpicks his opponent's heroes.
  4. The picking order is explained in the Commander Choices section of the rules thread.