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Codex Tournamentus

Postby Crewfinity » Thu 08 Oct, 2015 5:27 am

Elite Tournament General Rules

1. Starting Times and Dates
  • You can find the Date and starting time of each tournament in the respective registration threads for that tournament. All of these threads will be in the "Tournaments" section of this forum, which is the section that this Codex is placed in. Here is an example of a tournament registration thread.
  • Each tournament also generally is linked to a countdown timer. Should you want a quick and easy and answer to "How long till the tournament?", then consult the countdown timer that is linked in the registration thread for that tournament.

1a. Timezones
Here is a convenient map to help you visualize the different timezones in the world.
If you would like a more interactive link, or need to look up your own timezone, here is the link that will let you do that.
Tournaments typically start at 17:00 UTC time. If you have to convert that time to your timezone, this map will help you a lot. Just add/subtract hours based on where you live. Just keep an eye out on the start time of a tournament.

For example, when a tournament starts at 17:00 UTC time, if you are living in England then the tournament starts at 17:00 (5 p.m.). If you are living in say, California(Western Coast USA), the tournament starts at 9:00 UTC time(9 a.m.). You know this by taking the time (17:00 UTC) and counting back the timezone (17:00 UTC - 8 for timezones = 9:00 UTC) to make the correct adjustment.

1b. Dates
Typically, the major tournament is held on the final weekend of the month and there will sometimes be a tournament in the middle weekend of the month as well. Check in the Tournaments section to see if there is anything planned, as you'll typically receive around 1-2 weeks notice before a tournament starts.

2. Signing up for a Tournament
Registering for a tournament will be done on the respective tournament registration thread for that tournament. All registration threads will be in the "Tournaments" section of the forum, where you are reading this Codex from.

  • There will be a separate registration thread on the Elite Mod Forum section.
  • All that you need to register for a forum is a public link to your Steam profile and your selection of either up to 3 heroes or Random.
  • To retrieve your own Steam profile link, in your main Steam profile page, right click on your own picture and click "Copy Page URL". Once that is done, paste it into your post. A valid link should look something like .
  • Once you have a Steam link, either pick 1,2, or 3 heroes or Random to use during a tournament. Once the tournament starts, you'll only be able to select among that pool of heroes or only Random if you selected Random. Note that nothing requires you to play as all of your pre-selected heroes; you're free to use just 1 hero through the whole tournament if you prefer.

3. Tournament Day Preparations
Be present in the Steam group chat of the MRT Steam group on the day of the tournament for as long as you are in the running. In order to enter group chat, simply visit the link above and hit "Enter chat room" through a logged in Steam account.

It is a good idea to be there at least 15 minutes before the tournament starts so that tournament organizers can make sure you're ready to go much quicker and on time for both you and for other players.

3a. ESL Reporter
Tournament players are OBLIGED to be running the ESL Reporter application while playing in the tournament. The ESL Reporter is used to register and compile your games into our ladder and generate replays. You can find and register for the ESL by visiting this link. The tutorials on that page should suffice for you, but should you need help with the ESL Reporter, contact Myrdal, Lulgrim or Atlas.

4. Tournament Settings
These are the standard settings for a tournament game.
If a specific tournament thread includes special rules, those special rules hold priority over the standard rules.

4a. Tournament Rules Host Settings
Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
Starting Location: Random
Resources: Standard

Rounds are Best of 3 all the way until the Finals. The Finals is a Best of 5 round.
Tournament is single elimination, so losing one match drops you out of the tournament.

4b. Map Picks
  • Maps are always selected before hero picks.
  • The first game of a match will always be a fixed map as shown just below the Round display of the tournament bracket.
  • After the first game of a match, the map pick will be the loser's choice.
  • Only maps in the map pool may be played to be considered a valid tournament game. Failing to do so results in an automatic veto and regame. No map can be played more than once within a match. Maps that are variants of other maps, such as Pale Tooth Gorge and Green Tooth Gorge, will count as one map and can't be selected in the same match.
  • Each player will have the option to veto a single map during a match, excluding the first game map pre-decided by the tournament organizer. The player who picked the map will then select another eligible map.

The map pool is as follows:

The 1v1 Map Pool
• Ashes of Typhon
• Calderis Refinery
• Fedrid Folly
• Green Tooth Gorge / Pale Tooth Gorge
• Green Tooth Jungle Redux – Fixed Version
• Ice Station Obelis
• Imperial Plaza
• Jarilo's Forge
• Judgment of Carrion
• Leviathan Hive
• Lugganath Glacier
• Quest's Heresy
• Sector 95
• Siwal Frontier
• Vulcan Pits

The 2v2 Map Pool
• Argus Desert Gate
• Ashes of Typhon
• Calderis Refinery / Valderus Refinery
• Desert Showdown
• Golgotha Depths
• Hydris Chasm
• Judgement of Carrion
• Medean Cliff Mines
• Meridian High City
• Ruins of Argus
• Tharsis Forge

4c. Hero Picks
  • Players can select either up to 3 heroes or Random prior to the tournament, which can be seen on the tournament registration and information thread.
  • Once selected, the player will only be able to pick among those 3 heroes or Random for the duration of the tournament depending on their selection.
  • The player on the top side of the match cell will select their hero first for the first game. Next game, the player on the bottom side of the match cell will select their hero first, and the order will alternate like this through the match. In the final possible game of the match, the loser of the previous game will automatically pick their hero first.
  • To check out who is on the top and bottom of your match cell, just look at the Brackets page of the respective tournament. If your name is in the blue bar, you're the top side. If it's in the red bar, you're the bottom side. Here is a sample bracket for you to see.

4d. Disconnections
When a game ends prematurely for whatever reason, three things can happen:

  • The players agree on a winner.
  • The players agree to replay.
  • The players don't come to an agreement. A referee or tournament organizer will make the decision for them using whatever information is available. That decision will be final and without discussion so the tournament can go on as smoothly as possible. Failure to comply will result in tournament ejection on the offending party.

5. Extra Players
Extra Players are defined as anyone inside of a match lobby that is not a player for that match.

5a. Observers
The primary observers are the referees and the streamers. Personal observers are only allowed by the consent of both players.
Any player may choose to remove any streamers from the lobby. Under no circumstances are referees to be removed from the lobby.

5b. Referees
Any volunteer referees are welcome. Contacts Atlas for this on Steam.

Referees are expected to be able to:

  • Be in the tournament chat room some time before the tournament starts.
  • Help people find their opponents.
  • Resolve disputes between players after watching the replays.
  • Referees can't play in the tournament with the exception of already eliminated players.

Referees have first say on rulings. If there is a dispute between refs and players, the dispute is brought up to the tournament organizers. The organizers will have final say on the matter.

5c. Streamers
  • One or more Primary Casters will be designated prior to tournament start, and will ideally be 2 teams of a caster and co-caster.
  • The main benefit of being a Primary Caster is priority in covering games. They are allowed first dibs on lobbies should they choose to exercise it.
  • Other streamers are still free to stream as well as possibly earning compensation, so long as they meet the other requirements.
  • Primary Casters can be designated and demoted by the tournament organizer at any time should the organizer see it fit.

6. Post-Tournament Match
This section deals with all the parts that happen after you play your tournament game.

6a. Replays
Replays are now automatically recorded by the ESL reporter application. So long as you have it running, we will be able to access your games for verification.
VODs from streamers will also suffice.

6b. Results
Both players are responsible for reporting the correct results by contacting a referee or tournament organizer. You may also report your results in the MRT Steam group as that is considered to be contacting the organizers. The confirmed results will be updated in the brackets.

The only information that is required is the current score of the round. Saying something like "Zevargel 1-0" to either the tournament organizer or in the MRT Steam group chat will do.

6c. Prizes
The actual prize pool will be shown in each MRT registration thread.
Typically, prizes are granted in the form of Steam games, but on occasion there will be actual prize money.

In general, the prize pool will be allocated as follows:
  • 2 prizes to the Champion of the tournament.
  • 1 prizes to the Runner Up of the tournament.
  • Extra prizes will go to streamers that cast more than 60% of the tournament should they wish to take them.

7. Definitions
This section is placed here purely to standardize tournament language so everyone knows what you are talking about.

Bracket- The bracket is a chart that displays the progress of players throughout a tournament. The bracket is also the location where you can find the first map for every round. Here is a sample bracket for you to see.

Round- A round is comprised of a single column of the bracket. Each round is named in the bracket with names such as "Round of 16" or "Semifinals". Rounds go from left to right, and with more matches in a round to less matches in a round.

Match- A match is a singular series within a particular round of the bracket. Matches are always between two particular players or teams and each match is composed of several games to determine the winner of that match. Matches are sometimes also called cells. The winner of a match advances into the next round of the tournament.

Game- The smallest tournament unit. Every game consists of two assigned players competing in the tournament. If you don't know what a game is, then I really can't help you here :P Multiple games compose a match.

Cell- Another word for match. Typically used by the organizers because in the code, the matches are organized into cells that you manipulate.

"Heroes?"- A player asking for the opponent's hero picks. Find them in the respective tournament registration thread or in the "Players and Hero Picks" forum section for the tournament. Here is a sample "Players and Hero Picks" section for you to see.

Veto- When a player rejects the map selection of his opponent, he uses his veto. His opponent must then pick another tournament eligible map. Every player has 1 veto per round.

8. Acknowledgements
Special thanks to Caeltos, Lulgrim, Indrid, Dark Riku, Uncle Milty, Codex, Torpid, Floid, Adeptus Noobus, Crewfinity, Swift, Myrdal and Atlas for helping to put things together!

News and/or changes will be communicated on the forum and the MRT Steam group.
Stay tuned for more! Good luck and have fun everyone!

If you have any additional questions, you can contact Atlas on Steam or write your thoughts down here in the thread.
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Re: Codex Tournamentus

Postby Atlas » Sun 24 Jan, 2016 6:48 am

Cleaned this thread up a lot. It's barely usable now :P
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Re: Codex Tournamentus

Postby Atlas » Sun 24 Jan, 2016 3:24 pm

Gnaerold Ghostwolf wrote:3a. ESL Reporter
Tournament players are REQUIRED to be running the ESL.

Is it esential or only required.......... ?

You can physically play in the tournament without the ESL Reporter, but we need you to be running ESL reporter so that we can ensure we have replays of your games to verify should we need it.
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Re: Codex Tournamentus

Postby Atlas » Sun 24 Jan, 2016 7:38 pm

If you're taking issue with being ranked, you can always state "unranked" in the chat and the ESL reporter will not include that in your statistics. It will still record the replay though.
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Re: Codex Tournamentus

Postby Swift » Wed 27 Jan, 2016 10:28 am

Nicely put together my tournament padawan.
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